Established in 2007, Geodi is a family run business which produces all-natural, superior quality jams, sauces and spreads made of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs of certified organic farming straight from the Greek countryside.

By combining the art of traditional home-making techniques with the use of advanced modern technological equipment, Geodi preserves most of the “freshness” and nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetable in the final product, while meeting stringent hygiene requirements. In this way a “homemade” all-natural product is turned into a commercial delicacy of high nutritional value, without additives or preservatives.


Jam and Marmalade: Geodi produces superior quality jams and marmalades, which have been internationally awarded on many occasions.

The unique selling point is that jams and marmalades are prepared with 85g fresh fruit per 100g of the final product. Geodi jams and marmalades do not contain any pectins, colours, artificial flavours or preservatives.

The following varieties are available: Mandarin, Peach and Orange, Bergamot, Orange, Apricot, Strawberry, Raspberry and Fig.

In addition, the highly reputed and internationally awarded awarded Sugar Free Sour Cherry Jam is available.

Chutney: Geodi produces all natural, ready-to-serve, sweet-sour sauces with fresh fruit or vegetable, sugar and vinegar. Geodi chutneys have a high nutritional value, without any additives, artificial colours, flavorings or preservatives. 

The following two varieties are available in Australia: Apricot & Ginger and Plum & Spices.

Spreads: Geodi produces spreads from aromatic vegetables & herbs. The all natural, ready to serve spreads are a great snack or appetizer. Geodi spreads have a high nutritional value, without any additives, artificial colours, flavorings or preservatives.

We currently stock the internationally awarded Carrot and Tahini (Hommus) spread.


Peach Jam with Orange 250g

Orange Marmalade 250g

Mandarin Marmalade 250g

Apricot Jam 250g

Bergamot Marmalade 250g

Fig Jam 250g

Strawberry Jam 250g

Raspberry Jam 250g

Morello & Cherry Spread (No Added Sugar) 270g 

Apricot & Ginger Chutney 175g

Plum & Spices Chutney 175g

Fresh Carrot & Tahini Spread 140g