Iamvi is a family-run business which produces handmade spoon sweets (fruit preserves), drawing its inspiration for making them, from traditional recipes that we have kept unchanged for three generations. More recently, Iamvi has added jams and syrups to its product offering. 

Based in Patras (Peloponnese), Iamvi commenced its operations in 2015. The business sources its agricultural goods from the wider region given the exceptional quality and variety.

Iamvi only uses exquisite pure ingredients, placing great emphasis on careful selection and sorting of fruit to achieve a delicious flavour. This focus on quality has already resulted in the achievement of several highly reputed international awards. 


In Greece, the spoon sweet (gliko tou koutaliou) is commonly a fruit preserve which has traditionally been served in a spoon as a gesture of hospitality. More recently, the spoon sweet is increasingly combined with yoghurt, ice cream and used on cheesecake, pavlova and tarts.

The Iamvi traditional spoon sweets are made of hand-picked fruits and are available in a wide variety. They are produced with the use of traditional methods and they are conserved thanks to homemade syrup, consisting purely of sugar and water, without the addition of any colourants, artificial ingredients or glucose syrup.

We are initially stocking the following four spoon sweets varieties: Sour Cherry (Vissino), Bergamot, Strawberry and Grape.


Bergamot 460g

Grape 460g

Sour Cherry 460g

Strawberry 430g