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Kosmidis-Gavrili Halvas Drapetsonas is a traditional artisan workshop established in 1924 in Drapetsona, a neighbourhood of Pireaus.

The workshop was founded by Kostas Mezardasoglou from Asia Minor, who came to Athens after the Asia Minor (now Turkey) Catastrophe.

In 1986, the business passed hands to Efmorfios Kosmidis (retired) and Nikos Gavrilis, who (together with his associates) has maintained the tradition with passion and expanded to include other products.


“Kosmidis-Gavrili Halvas Drapetsonas” is famous for its handmade halva and tahini, as well as wide range of other confectionary.

Halva – A traditional Greek sweet, made from tahini and sugar, which is also regarded as a healthy dessert.

Tahini – Made from crushed sesame seeds, tahini is a healthy food which can be enjoyed on its own or used as an ingredient.

Coconut Bars (Karida) – Greek style coconut bar available in a range of flavours.

Nougat Bar (Mandolato) – Greek style nougat prepared with almonds.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – Delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.


Halva Vanilla 450g

Halva with Almonds 450g

Halva Cocoa 450g

Halva No Sugar 450g

Halva Chocolate 450g

Halva Chocolate with Almonds 450g

Halva Vanilla 4.760kg

Halva with Almonds 4.760kg

Halva Cocoa 4.760kg

Halva Chocolate 4.760kg

Halva Chocolate with Almonds 4.760kg

Tahini 450g

Wholegrain Tahini 350g

Coconut Bars (Karida) in Vanilla, Cocoa and with Cranberries 70g

Nougat Bar (Mandolato) with Almonds 60g

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 400g