In the 1950’s a traditional artisan workshop in Kalamata made history by creating the most famous brand of pasteli in Greece.

The Lampos family originally created a secret recipe for a delicious soft bar made of honey and sesame seeds. The success was such that in a few years time, a crispy version was added and through the years the brand has expanded to include many sweets, treats and patisseries.

Nowadays, the success story continues at the modern factory certified by ISO22000 in Kalamata.


Pasteli – Sesame Bar – is the tradional Greek energy snack which is based on sesame and honey.

Honey and Sesame were the main ingredients of the nutritional habits of the ancient Greeks. Pasteli is a pasty full of nutritional ingredients and energy.

Pasteli Melato (Chewy) – Combines fine honey and sugar with wholesome and nutritious sesame seeds and has a chewy texture.

Soft Pasteli Melato (No Added Sugar) – Combines fine honey (50%) with wholesome and nutritious sesame seeds (50%) and has a soft texture.

Pasteli Tragano (Crispy) – Using twice as many sesame seeds, adding a subtle mixture of sugar and fine honey, gives this pasteli a crispy texture. Available both in 80g and 34g.

Peanut Candy – The caramelised nuts bar, a thick layer, consisting of 70% wholesome peanuts held together by a delicious honey and sugar mix.

Pasteli Melato with Almonds – Combines fine honey, sugar, slightly roasted almonds with wholesome and nutritious sesame seeds and has a chewy texture

All products are gluten free and without preservatives or additives.


Chewy Pasteli Melato (Sesame & Honey Bar) – 60g 

Soft Pasteli Melato (Sesame & Honey Bar) – No Added Sugar – 60g

Pasteli Tragano (Crispy) – 80g

Chewy Pasteli Melato (Sesame & Honey Bar) with Almonds – 70g

Peanut Candy Bar (with Honey) – 100g

Pasteli Tragano Filaraki (Crispy) – 34g