The Kazakis House of Viticulture (producer) started Marianna’s (brand) in 1994 and remains, to date, a family-run business.

The company’s aim is to offer Greek, safe, high quality traditional and organic foods to other families in Greece and abroad. The business aims to remain innovative and pioneering.

Marianna’s vineleaves was the first to be marketed, product of a family of viticulture products.


Dolmadakia – Vineleaves wrapped with rice and herbs. Marianna’s dolmadakia are hand-made and packaged in jars.

Vineleaves – The vineleaves, used to roll the dolmathakia, are hand-picked from the family’s vineyards. No pesticides are used.

Vinetop Pickles – Like small propellers, vinetops make a delicious meze and can also be used to decorate your salad.

Petimezi – Thick syrup, obtained by boling the grape juice, used in baking as a sweetener, as well as in cooking, sauces and salads.

Marianna’s products come in an organic range and contain no preservatives.


Dolmathakia 200g

Vineleaves 200g

Vineleave Tops 230ml

Petimezi (Grape Must) 105ml