meligyris-imageABOUT PRODUCER

Meligyris is a family company with its traditions in bee-keeping dating back to 1920. The group’s apiary centre is located in the village of Arkalohori, in the surroundings of the Heraklion on the island of Crete.

The team, lead by Manolis Stefanakis, combines scientific knowledge and family tradition to offer a range of premium honeys. Stefanakis is also one of the founders and members of the Scientific Community of Greek Beekeepers.


“Meligyris” Honeys are directly connected to the special terroir and the exceptional flora of the island of Crete.

Thyme – Offers a strong taste and a golden colour. It has antibacterial properties, especially for respiratory and digestive issues.

Pine Thyme – The coexistence of pine and thyme is unique to Crete’s ecosystem. Has a dark brown colour with an intense aroma.

Sage – Light in colour, this honey is heavy bodied with a mild taste. It is popular for its nutritional benefits: this honey prevents various diseases and offers vigorousness to human body.


Pine Thyme Honey 450g

Thyme Honey 450g

Pine Thyme Honey 270g

Thyme Honey 270g

Sage Honey 270g

Pine Thyme Honey 250g

Thyme Honey 250g

Sage Honey 250g